This is How You Play Poker Online

  • Tuesday, Jun 23, 2020

How to Play Online Poker

Playing any online card game can be a put off for many players, the need to memorise hands and in what order of power they have, perhaps it accounts for roulette’s popularity. Poker is nevertheless a great game to play once all aspects have been mastered. It is also the most diverse of card games that you will find within an online casino. In our review, we discuss how you play online poker and highlight the many different forms it takes, but in order for you to gain the experience, you will need a casino that provides the game in all its many glorious ways.

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The Rules of Online Poker

Granted there are many variants of poker but the rules regarding the card hands remain the same, so for any new player taking on the idea of playing poker but is unsure which game of poker to play, then you only need make note of the card hands and they will all be the same.

The basic object of the poker game is to form a stronger hand than the opponent. You are dealt five cards of which there are ten different combinations you can achieve with them to try and win the game. In building the strongest hand, you can buy additional cards, or try from the original five.

The ten different card hand options:

The Royal Flush: Example = Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10 all with the suit.

The Straight Flush: Example = 9, 8, 7, 6 and 5 all with the same suit.

The Four of a Kind: Example = 4x Ace and any random 5th card

The Full House: Example = 3 x Queen and 2 x Jack. (Must comprise of three matches and two matches of any ranking).

The Flush: Example =5 random cards all with the same suit.

The Straight: Example = 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 of any suits.

The Three of a Kind: Example = 3 x five. 4th and 5th cards can be random. The three matching can be of any ranking.

The Two Pair: Example = 2 x king and 2 x joker. The 5th card can be random. The pairs can be any rank.

The One Pair: Example = 2 x ace, the 3rd, 4th and 5th card can be random.

The High Card: Example = If a game ties using this, the higher valued card from the hands wins the game for the player having this.

The Variants of Poker Online

Poker’s main appeal is that with just knowing these different hands, you can play a variety of games with them in the poker section. Variants of poker are like ice cream, there are loads of different flavours, but what you are still essentially getting is ice cream.

There are two main areas the poker game falls into with its variants and that is virtual gaming and live poker gaming.

The virtual games are more commonly played by lesser experienced players, whereas the live casino option takes it to a level more suited for those that are of greater experience.

Inside both formats you can experience games like tri-card poker, Caribbean stud poker, VIP poker, pai gow, let ‘em ride and casino hold ‘em.

Video poker is another alternative. This is not like the other virtual games at all and is not available in live versions. The video poker game takes the cards away from the table and places them into an arcade-like machine, bit like a slot game. This dynamic shift in the playing environment makes it a very popular option amongst players of any experience and is perhaps the easiest form of poker to play online.

If you wish to practice any of these games, it is best to look out for demo mode games that will give you free play on all the variants. To help track them down, you can use the link above to immerse yourself in free poker online.